Adorable Kitten With Two Legs Happily Hops Her Way Into Her Forever Loving Home

An adorable kitten was rushed to the vet with two mangled front legs, people may have opted to euthanize her, but in this case the surgeon decided to try to save her life and performed surgery, which required the amputation of her two tiny front legs.
The poor kitten may have been trying to keep warm near a car engine when the accident happened. The kitten was named Duck, because now she walked like one, walking like this has not made the kitten sad.
Duck’s human said: “I took her in (as a foster) and she acclimated to her new life quickly. It didn’t take her long at all to adapt and start walking all around the house on her own.”

Duck’s a kitten that brings happiness and joy to everyone, she spends her time playing just like other kitten just in a different style, Duck lives with three other dogs, a other cat and some hens.

At one point her mom tried to get her a harness and a wheelchair thinking it would make life easier for her but Duck prefers to free wheel through life, living it on her terms, as she pleases.

Despite only being 6 months old, Duck has been through a lot but she doesn’t let it get her down. At the worst, she never stopped fighting and we think that makes her one amazing kitty.


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