Adorable Pup Gets Bored on a Long Journey by Plane and Decides to Entertain The Passengers Behind Him

As we know and can imagine how boring long flight can be, especially when you’re travelling on the economy class. Huxley, a lovely Golden Retriever was so excited about his first flight. He was preparing to fly with his mom from London to Ibiza. And then, guess what…he soon realized how boring a flight actually is. So the bored passenger started to look for some activities even in the plane to keep him in the holiday spirit. First, he change the seats. As his mom, “wasn’t concerned about his happiness anymore,” he moved next to the guy in front of them.

“He was sat in the seat next to me but got in a mood which he often does when I don’t pay him enough attention,” Ursula Daphne Aitchison, the pup’s mom told The Dodo. “He spent 30 minutes in that seat; the man next to him said he was a very good passenger and the man across was taking selfies with him.”

But we all know, you can rely on a dog until it comes to food. So when Huxley hear his mom opened a snacks, he quickly abandoned his newest friend and turned to her and started to beg for some crisps. “He quickly changed his tune when he heard me eating my crisps,” the woman said.

The dog’s attempts to make his mom to share her snack with him result in some truly hilarious scenes. And thankfully, Ursula decided to take some photos of her adorable, yet so funny companion. She later shared the snaps on Facebook and as you could imagine, they instantly went viral.