Baby Elephant Wants Worker To Play And It Is Surely The Cutest Thing We Have Ever Seen

Elephants are known as friendly and intelligent creatures,  often videos with Little Elephants are cute and funny, as this video of this little baby elephant make us melt even more at how awesome elephants can be. Baby elephants are super cute and they often like to play a lot, and this baby elephant has found a new human friend he likes to play with.
A amazing man named Dan Daeng who works in a Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was doing some DYI tasks around the camp when he was distracted by the little baby elephant , he was in the task of giving bamboo poles protective paints for the upcoming winter when the one-year-old Khunsuk came over. The little Elephant kept reaching through the fence to his friend, the baby Elephant persisted this behavior for quite some time, coaxing his human friend to play with him.

The Mae-sa Camp dedicate their knowledge and expertise toward increasing the population of elephants in an attempt to halt their extension that is increasing due to Ivory poaching.

The camp has a nursery so that the baby elephants can live safely with their mothers, and the camp is attempting to keep elephant numbers up for the world would be a sad place without them in it. Had I been Dan, I would have made sure to stop any task I was doing and play with this cute being. This video is the best thing I have seen in a while.