Dog Rescues Injured Baby Bird And Instantly Becomes Her Best Friend!

Relationships between animals some times form the most unusual bonds, and those bonds show us that love and friendship between animals know no boundaries. A dog named Hiro and a bird named Hope are for sure a very unusual but also amazing duo. Viviana Davila the owner of the dog named Hiro said that the dog has always been a very good boy. Hiro proved himself again when he brought to her attention that tiny fragile life was in danger and needed help.
Davila and her Dog were relaxing in the backyard when the dog took notice of something along the fence, the dog got up to check it out, Davila couldn’t see what it was but she saw Hiro licking at something and staring back at her. Davila got up to check what he had. She said, “that gave me the signal that there was something going on and I approached Hiro.”Davila was surprised to see a small green parrot on the grass, the poor little parrot looked defenseless and wasn’t moving much so she tenderly picked it up in a towel and took it back to the house.

Davila said, “I instantly looked for a towel and picked her up.” “She was very defenseless and helpless.” After telling Hiro what a good boy he was for saving the bird’s life, Davila consulted with a veterinarian. She learned from the vet that the bird was a baby, Quaker Parrot. The baby had apparently fallen from its nest and was now paralyzed.

Normally the vet would suggest euthanasia but the baby parrot seemed strong and acted as though it wanted to fight to survive. Wanting to give the bird the best chance at life, Davila brought the baby home and named her Hope.

Hiro and Hope became inseparable. Not only did Hiro save Hope’s life, he gave her a home and became her best friend! “Having Hope and taking care of her so far has been a really great experience,” Davila said. “She teaches us each day about perseverance, and Hiro about empathy and being a kind living creature and friend.”