Duck Mum Swimming Around With Her 56 Ducklings

A super duck mum who strolls around with 56 ducklings was been seen in Lake Bemidji in Minnesota, a photographer Brenk Cizek, who was visiting the lake couple weeks ago in search for wildlife pictures, the sight shows a duck with all of her ducklings marching behind her in a perfect line. He said he had spotted something in the water that looked too feathery, after approaching he noticed a merganser (type of duck) going about her way with all of her babies. Ben said he was amazed at the number of babies it had.

The pictures were actually taken at a later date when he re-encountered them. And still, even though it looked like the mom was at her super-capacity of adoption, turned out that the over-extended family expanded even more.

Ben said that the mom now has about 76 ducklings. He believes that it is impossible for all the ducklings to be hers so Ben hypothesized that perhaps some of them were either orphaned or abandoned by their biological mothers. The super mom stepped in and decided to take them however.

The National Audubon Society has also approved that the merganser from the photo has probably picked up abandoned ducklings along the way who, having already imprinted on their mother, have no difficulty following a new duck around given the similar physical features between the biological and adopted mom.
Cizek was further amazed by the fact that the mother looked responsible. He caught her counting her ducklings from time to time as to make sure that they are all there. Cizek said that mother nature and its power amazes him, and he hopes that at least a handful of people will get to see this photo and witness just how amazing mother nature can be.