Golden Retriever Tries To Befriend A Mannequin

A dog named Sporty, from Chicago, was captured on video vying for the attention of a plastic mannequin in a Columbia Sportswear store. Golden retriever loves affection and being loved, the adorable pup held his leash in his mouth as he sniffed around the man-shaped display – which was dressed in a black and grey outfit. But the determined retriever didn’t give up when he wasn’t immediately showered with adoring pets. The ‘human’ was still not moving, and the playful pup is forced to turn back to owner David Duncan for the attention he craves. The footage was posted to Sporty’s Instagram page – which currently has more than 68,000 followers. Mr Duncan regularly posts pictures and videos of his dog on the page, including shots of him in various seasonal costumes.

The adorable dog gained attention last year for his self-walking antics, which were demonstrated in a video which currently has 10million views. Sporty always walks himself around Chicago, often with his leash in his mouth, with his owner trailing close behind.


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This adorable dog has just had his 11th birthday. We love Sporty so much and we wish he will live long and put smiles in people’s face.