Hero Man Gives The Shirt Off His Back to Save Possum From Rain Storm

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico was faced with a rainstorm, as the rain kept falling a friend group noticed a possum that was about to be washed away, some people love animals so much that they would do anything they can to save or help them. The man in the video stepped up to help a possum that was drowning, the man named Abraham ran into the heavy pouring rain and took his shirt off, all his friends were surprised and didn’t know what he was doing but then saw him wrapping his shirt around the animal.
“My best friend Abraham, took his shirt off to save the possum and deliver it to safety,” the videographer told ViralHog.
Abraham walked shirtless through the heavy rain while carrying the sacred possum on his hands so he can save him from drowning, Abraham put the animal into the higher ground as he ran to get back to the wild and away from the flooding rain.

Not a lot of people would care to help a possum since they usually are dismissed as unwanted pets. But for those who don’t know possums play a big role in our ecosystem by eating ticks, with that they prevent the spread of lime disease.
Every animal deserves help and care, thank you Abraham you are amazing.