Kitten with Irresistible Face Finds Family to Cater to His Every Need

Laura Malone, director of Mini Cat Town, picked a little adorable kitten from a local shelter, the little kitten was in need of foster care. The cat rescue didn’t hesitate to help knowing that the little kitten would benefit from being in a foster home. As soon as the little kitten arrived to his new home, it was as if he knew that he was in good hands.
“He’s already eating canned food quite well on his own and seems very content. Sometimes, orphaned kittens can be really vocal, but he’s been very quiet and calm,” Laura shared with Love Meow.
The little kitten was named Koda (Bear) after an animated character from Brother Bear. Koda discovered his playful side immediately, and he crawls into his human’s arms whenever it’s time to recharge.

The kitten is so happy to be in his new home, and the kitten has a way of captivating people’s hearts, he insists on being on a warm lap after every meal or play session, and won’t take no for an answer.
“Singletons can be a little bitey since they don’t have siblings to play with. I try to distract Koda with stuffed animals. I pretend they are other cats so he can wrestle them.”

The kitten is starting to explore around his playpen, practicing his pouncing skills and trying to be a stealthy cat.
Despite still building his leg muscles, Koda tries to climb whatever he can lay his paws on. He still has a lot of growing to do, but his personality is coming out strong.

He may not be the most vocal kitten, but Koda gives the most convincing look on his face whenever he wants something from his humans.