Magnificent Pictures of a Beautiful White Lion Showing His Spectacular Mane

This amazing white Lion now is really famous on the internet for his beauty and his mane, the pictures can tell you this amazing creature who is breathtaking. The 6 year old feline named Moya, he is a resident of the Glen Garriff Conservation lion sanctuary in South Africa. Moya is not a common lion here , you can see that his kind is really rare , a white lion posing in front of a camera with such a pride a beauty.
Simon Needham British wildlife photographer who took the stunning pictures, really want to raise awareness about the one and only problem that we are all fighting , the situation with wild animals , them becoming extinct. We really need to stop this, because these creatures are very beautiful, very rare and special to be in danger.
“Moya’s stunning coat blew me away the first time I saw it,” the Los Angeles-based photographer said. “Although it was quite difficult to get close to him, I had a few moments when he came close enough for me to get a few great shots as he walked his territory. When you are in the moment you don’t really get chance to appreciate the beauty of it all but obviously afterwards, I realized what lovely pictures we had.”

The pictures went viral all over the internet and I think that really made people think they should do something in this case. Simon also is trying to help the sanctuary which is doing the best to protect these incredible wild animals. They are helping them as much as they can, Moya is one of the lion’s they helped and are now protecting.

“I’m really happy to be part of bringing well deserved attention to a very worthy cause at GG Conservation Glen Garriff where they have 77 lions in their care,” Simon wrote in a Facebook post.
In the IUCN Red List, the African Lions are classified as a vulnerable species, with less than 40,000 individuals left in the wild. Even though, some sources indicate there are around 20,000 lions left in the wild.

Thankfully, places like Glen Garriff Conservation lion sanctuary aim “to love, protect and preserve the magnificent lions.” You can help them on their mission, here.