Man Captures A Unique Moment While Filming Seagulls

Brad Rich and his friends thought of going boating on a usual day to explorer the coast of Alaska, but they were up for an unusual outcome for sure. They wanted to document their time spent together and also to keep it as a nice memory as most of us would do, as Brad was filming seagulls something started to happen, the seagulls started moving faster and something started to happen in the water, There was a group of whales feeding in the water, and that’s what was causing the water irregularity. The group of friends could only see a part of the whales, however what happened next was very unexpected. Another group of whales came up right next to the boat that Brad and his friends were in. They were afraid and happy at the same time. I guess most of us would not know how to feel or react on those situations as well.

However, despite him not being comfortable or being a little bit scared from the situation, Brad did not stop filming and caught everything on tape for us to watch.

Thankfully, Brad and his crew managed to capture the scene on camera. The video went viral after it was shared, being viewed by more than 19 million people. You’ll definitely understand why, after you’ll watch it.
Watch the video below to see what Brad and his friends had experienced first-hand.