Mother Bear Takes Her Little Babies For a Swim in Californian Lake in The Middle of The Day

It is pretty sure that no-one would expect to meet a bear family that swims inside along with people. There were a lot of people that gathered to see the ordeal, but the Bear family didn’t mind in fact they spent some quality time splashing each other.
The baby bears seemed to enjoy the water and were playing excitedly with each other. It seemed like they were used to playing on the water, the family wasn’t bothered at all by all those people gathered around them and recording the adorable sight.
The mother bear and her two cubs left the water after some minutes of splashing, they went through the beach as if it’s completely normal for them to be there and then they went inside the woods.
It’s the strong bond between mother and cub that likely would have prompted the little one to stay on its mothers back in the water.

As the bear waded into the water, the cubs likely scrambled onto its back to follow. The sloth bear is the only known bear that actively carries its cubs, an adaptation that it evolved to protect its young in tiger-inhabited regions.
Brown bears have a well-documented love of the water. A live bear cam at Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park has documented bears wading through fast-moving waters to catch salmon. According to Katmai’s website, bears often sit in what the park has dubbed “Jacuzzis” waiting for fish to swim by.