Stray Dog Won’t Stop Chasing Bus Until Finally Driver Adopts Her!

A man named Jaypee Barcelinia got on a bus in Quezon City, Philippines, when he witnessed a stray dog that would go for a chance to share his seat with him, he was very happy to make room for the lovely animal.
“The stray dog was sitting in a public road, then when our jeepney [a form of local public transportation] passed by, she suddenly chased the jeepney and she wanted to take a ride,” Barcelinia told The Dodo.
Barcelinia said that the dog tried around six times to leap on but each time the dog was unsuccessful, when the bus slowed down the poor dog would place her front paws on the back step to try to get on the bus, but he fell off as soon as the bus pulled away.
“At first, the jeepney driver was afraid to get the dog because here in the Philippines it is unusual to see a dog chasing a jeep,” Barcelinia said.

No matter how tired the dog became, the dog seemed intent on catching up to the vehicle, the driver’s heart softened and he finally brought the bus to a complete stop. But the dog would not hop on this time instead she waited, the panting dog didn’t try to put her paws on the back step, as if to ask permission to hop on.

The tired dog finally got what she wanted — a well-deserved rest in the shade of the covered vehicle.
“She entered the jeepney then took a nap inside,” Barcelinia said.
”Even after the journey finished the dog didn’t want to leave,” Barcelinia told Newsflare. “The driver is now keeping her and taking care of her.”