The Best K9 Lip Sync Video Made so Far

Agencies of law enforcement around the country have recently been engaged in a lip sync battle and see which officer could actually produce the best lip sync video. Several videos were posted in Facebook and twitter and the competition became tougher. But the question is who is the best at it?

According to ABC, the challenge started with Alexander Mena, a deputy in the Bexar County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office. On June 19, a video of him singing to “Fuiste Mala” by the Kumbia Kings went viral. The video has 1.4 million views and over 22K shares.

Another popular competitor who joined the battle was a female K-9 handler from Houston who sings the old favorite song ‘Who let the dogs out?’ along with her dog named Quelle.

“For us to do something that makes everyone laugh, that [shows] we’re humans as well, I think there’s nothing better,”